Looking to purchase in bulk and split between family and friends?


We've just made your life a lot easier!  Instead of fighting over who gets that last pound of bacon, we've created a bundle that is easily/equally divided and can be ordered with the number of households in mind.


The more friends/family you get to join your bundle - the more you save.


Orders 1X gets a 5% discount.

Orders X2 through X4 get a 10% discount.

Order X5 through X7 get a 15% discount. 

Orders X8 through X10 get a 20% discount.


Discounts already calculated into list price.


Looking for more than than X10 - give us a call (we really need to talk)!


Cuts included in a single bundle or 'X1' (22 pounds):


Cut Weight per package # of packages
Shoulder Roast 3 1
Loin Roast 3 1
Center Cut Chops 1 2
Spareribs 1 1
Sliced Cured Ham 2 1
Bacon 1 3
Ground Pork 1 3

Kielbasa, Country, Hungarian or Bacon Cheddar


1 2
Breakfast Sausage 1 3



SOLD OUT -'Even Stevens' Pork Bundle